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Sunday the 31st

Well hope you all had a fashionable January, and remember that dressing well isn’t nearly as hard as you think it is. Just don’t let yourself get stuck in a fashion rut, and remember that we are always here to rescue you!

Sunday the 31st:

1. Mix an obviously vintage piece with a very modern, chic piece. Ex: a lacy or flowy top with dark wash boot cut jeans. Or a fitted blazer and black skirt with a vintage inspired printed legging.

2. Over sized sweaters are an easy addition to your outfit but remember to keep it flattering and belt it! Try a colorful belt to add some pop.

3. Grab a sun dress and February-ize it by wearing it with a boyfriend blazer* with a hoodie underneath.

-xoxo Les Dauphines

Shopping tip: Boyfriend blazers are categorized by stores as a winter item and will be going on sale soon, but the truth is that they are going to be in style well into summer for those cool nights. So grab one during spring sales!


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Saturday the 30th

Well we are wrapping up the Month of Outfit Ideas… Very sad, I know. But do not fear! A couple times a week we will be posing a few ideas just like our Month of Ideas. Also, keep posted for a news update about a few projects that are coming your way very soon!

Spring is almost here, but not quite. Here are a few ways to incorporate some sprint style into your winter wardrobe.

Saturday the 30th:

1. It’s not quite warm enough for those wedges or opentoed heels, so cheat a little with some Seattle style and put a cute pair of knee high socks under. Pair with some flowy or lacy layers.

2. We all know that all black with a pop of color is a fall favorite. Modify this into a summer look with all cream or light gray with a pop of coral, teal, or mustard yellow.

3. Another way to play with summer color pallets are mixing all or some of  the following colors:

xoxo – Les Dauphines

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Tuesday the 26th

For Tuesday, we will be going preppy with a little bit of edge mixed in! Here are three ways to do it:

Tuesday the 26th:

1. Tuck a polo shirt into a high waisted skirt with flats and load up on the jewelry.

2. Mix and match fitted jackets with pleated skirts and a cute pair of sneakers. Again, load up on the jewelry.

3. Pair an A-line dress with a t-shirt under, a headband, high boots, and… lots of jewelry!

xoxo – Les Dauphines

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Saturday the 23rd

Happy weekend!

Saturday the 23rd:

1. Wear a plain outfit like jeans and a v-neck tee, but load up lots of mismatched jewelry mixing pearls, chains, and colorful pieces.

2. Mix a patterned skirt with a brightly colored solid top and a scarf.

3. It’s almost time for romper season! If you  have one, pull it out. Still to cold? Pair with tights and boots.

xoxo – Les Dauphines

p.s. Coming soon: our Online Store!

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Yes, we do have a bit of fun on our photo shoots! With warmer weather coming our way, fashion gets to be more free and flowy, which I love.

In this outfit:

  • Floral Dress
  • La Dauphine Lace Gloves
  • Black Tights

Try a floral romper instead of a dress for a more unique look. Going out? Put on a 70’s inspired floppy hat.

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Thursday the 21st

We’re breaking all of the rules today! Black with navy or brown. Oh dear! Here’s how to do it:

Thursday the 21st:

1. Successfully mix brown and black by choosing your browns wisely. Look for ones that are lighter and not chocolate brown or to dark. A good way to start is by wearing a light blue or gray top, a black skirt (or black shirt and light blue or gray skirt) and light brown leather shoes. Or black shoes with a light brown belt.

2. The key to mixing black and navy blue is to be wearing at least two navy pieces. Example: A neutral top, navy skirt, black tights and navy shoes. Or a black top, navy belt, neutral skirt, and navy tights.

3. Well, I’m excited for this spring and summer’s latest styles and one of my favorites is wearing a scarf in your hair. It is also perfect for finals week when you don’t really feel like doing your hair… Wear it with your favorite skinny jeans and boots!

xoxo – Les Dauphines

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Tuesday the 19th

Hope you all had a lovely MLK day! This week is final exams for the lot of us, so here are some ultra-comfy outfits perfect for hours of deciphering Hamlet, periodic tables and trigonometric functions.

Tuesday the 19th:

1. My favorite way to be comfy and trendy at the same time is to layer leggings, a tight cotton mini, a comfy sweatshirt and slipper boots that may or may not be meant for the outdoors.

2. Tunics are a great for those days when you only kind of want to dress up. They are much easier to dress down with leggings and zip-up jackets and a headband.

3.  If you want to add some warmth to your comfy-ness. Wear an over sized patterned sweater with skinny jeans or leggings!

xoxo – Les Dauphines

P.s. Kiah is working on getting some photos up on her LookBook account, and Laura already has some! Check them out =D

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